4 Mental and Physical Benefits of Riding Dressage

1. Feel More Relaxed From Riding Dressage in Your Daily Life

Riding dressage is different from other equestrian sports because it is not about speed, but rather about precision and form. Dressage can be very meditative similar to Yoga as the rider and horse must focus on their body form and how they are moving their body. The goal of dressage is to showcase the horse's strength, flexibility, responsiveness, and impulsion. Impulsion and collection is the horses ability to use their hind legs and core to propel their body forward or sideways. A rider must also use their core and body correctly as a horse is a mirror of a rider's position. The combination of horse and rider using their core to find this balance is very relaxing for both horse and rider.

2. Become More Mindful from Riding Dressage

Being present in the moment is key to doing dressage correctly. Focusing on your body engagement and the horses requires great mindfulness. Whenever you are around horses or riding a horse, paying attention to the horse and what’s going on around you, and in your own body and mind is key to training correctly.

3. Improve Your Precision and Coordination From Riding Dressage

Dressage is based on performing precise movements at letters that encompass the riding arena. When you miss a movement at a certain point, you are docked points in a dressage test. Being able to show that you are able to do certain movements at an exact location shows that your horse is in tune with you and responsive.

4. Gain More Confidence From Riding Dressage

Throughout history Dressage has evolved from its roots based in riding horses into battle. Horses were needed to be quick, strong, responsive, and brave in order to give a cavalry a chance to win a battle. Imagine the confidence you need in both a horse, and a rider to be able to go into battle together. Today we can feel that same confidence when riding dressage, after all horses have been ridden by royalty! Being 7-8 feet tall gives you the feeling like you are on top of the world. You have 4 extra legs full of strength, power, and agility.

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