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Maggie Knight

Maggie Knight has loved horses since the first time she rode at age six. Maggie has been around horses practically her whole life, riding all over the North East of the United States. She has competed in horse shows all over the North East but her favorite part about riding is building a partnership with her horses. She loves spending time in the barn grooming and caring for her horses as much as she loves to ride them. Maggie is currently a student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she’s studying business and psychology. While on a bit of a horse hiatus while at school, Maggie spends her free time doing art, reading, and interning for Cavago. She can’t wait to get back to riding in the summer once she’s completed her first year of college!

Ancient Moroccan Tradition, T'bourida (Fantasia)

Witnessing the sight of beautiful gray Barb horses galloping forward at a full charge, while hearing nothing but the thundering of their hooves and a “single” gunshot is a scene that seems only imaginable in movies. Ridden by horsemen in traditional white attire, clouds of red dust form in their wake. The movements of horse and rider is so precise if you closed your eyes you wouldn’t be able to tell that the single gunshot occurs as a result of all riders firing their arms at the end of their thunderous charge.

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