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Tauseef Qadri

Tauseef is the Founder and CEO of Cavago. He is passionate about horses and horse people. Tauseef has had the privilege of living and working in many countries. He has worked in start ups and Fortune 250 companies in London, Dubai and Singapore. Tauseef has studied Management Sciences at Loughborough University, He has an MSc from SOAS, University of London in Sustainable Development as well as a post graduate qualification in Artificial Intelligence from MIT. Tauseef has travelled the world in search of the most amazing horse experiences.

The Surprising Impact of the Horse Industry on the Economy

The economy and horses are two things that many don’t expect to go together. In fact, when I talk to investors and venture capitalists about the massive impact the horse industry has on the economy I am usually met with disbelief and denial. Their astonishment grows when I tell them that in the USA alone, the horse industry has a greater economic impact than the film industry. Yes, really! Reality sets in when I explain that this “niche” interest encompasses 30.5% of American households. To be more specific, 38 million American households contain at least 1 horse enthusiast and the horse industry itself employs almost 2 million people in the USA.[1] This bodes well for the future of the horse industry and certainly piques the interest of the naysayers!

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A Period of Uncertainty

There is absolutely no doubt that in our modern times, COVID-19 has to be the greatest challenge the globe has faced. The World Health Organization head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says the number infected globally will reach a million within days.

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