Best of Both Worlds: What is a Workation?

You've decided you need a break from work but there are only so many days of annual leave you can take, right? Well, this new holiday trend may be the answer! 

A workation, also known as a "workoliday" or "woliday", is exactly what it says on the tin. Working while on vacation! Although this form of travel isn't accessible to everyone, it could be the perfect option for those fortunate enough to be able to work from anywhere.

As a result of the pandemic, remote working is becoming more and more common, and the flexibility that comes with it is opening up to a whole new stream of options when it comes to travel. This has made workations one of the hottest holiday trends. 

Not to mention, for equestrian enthusiasts, workcations offer a world of adventure! 

So, think a workation could be the ideal way to achieve your travel dreams? Read on to find out more.  

Why take a workation?

Workations offer all the benefits of going away on holiday, but you don't have to use any of those valuable vacation days. You can combine adventure, travel and exploring with your day job - the perfect balance, right? 

If you feel like you need to switch up your routine, take a break from your 9-5 or get a change of scene, why not consider it? Taking your work to a fresh environment can help you re-focus and have a worthwhile break somewhere completely new, so you can enjoy your time away and still earn your regular salary.

If you're a creative, then traveling with your work could provide the perfect inspiration. Writers, designers, artists or entrepreneurs could all benefit from a change of scene and what could be a more inspirational environment than a beautiful beach abroad? 


Types of workations

There are plenty of types of workation that could suit your timetable, ranging between...

  • short-term
  • medium-term
  • long-term. 


If you're after a quick getaway, a short-term workation could be just the thing. These trips usually last just a few days, over a weekend or midweek. You might not need to work for the entire period, but the ability to work while you're away means you don't need to tap into any annual leave. Usually, you'll stay slightly closer to home, such as in your home country or a place that's just a short flight away. 

Medium-term workation

If you're looking to get away for a bit longer and really reap the benefits of remote working, then a medium-term workation could be the right choice. These can last up to a month, which gives you the scope to venture further afield. For many full-time workers, disappearing for this length of time isn't an option unless you tap into some unpaid leave or take a full-on sabbatical, so this option allows you to fully embrace a new country and take a longer break, without forfeiting your income or holiday allowance. 

Long-term workation

Sometimes, workers opt for a long-term workation, which can last anywhere between several months and a couple of years. Oftentimes, being away for this long involves temporary relocation and may require special permits or visas if you're working in a different country.  This option could work well for a freelancer or employee of an international company with offices based around the globe. 

There are also different types of workations based on how many people are going, which includes...

  • group workation 
  • solo workation

Group workation

If your company's mainly remote, it may organise a workation trip for you. These often last up to a week and involve team-building activities to help strengthen your relationships with your colleagues. 

Solo workation

Individual employees and freelancers may choose to go on a solo workation. This gives you more freedom of choice over where you decide to go and how you spend your time.


Equestrian workations 

Here at Cavago, we love everything to do with horses, so of course we need to consider how a workation could benefit equestrians! Whether you're a keen amateur looking to improve your riding, or simply wish to immerse yourself in equestrian culture for a few weeks, then a workation with Cavago could be just what you're looking for. 

Work and train 

If you're keen to improve your riding, staying at an equestrian centre or training retreat could be just the thing. You can stay on-site and work your required hours, while fitting in lessons and training when you have spare time. You can book an intensive course of lessons, fully immersing yourself in your training while still earning your regular living. You could either stay on-site with your favourite trainer, head to a prestigious equestrian centre in your home country, or even look to venture abroad. 

Immerse yourself in a new culture 

If you want to travel abroad and immerse yourself in a brand-new culture for a few weeks, then a workation in a different country could be the answer. Whether you choose to stay at just one location or travel to many over a series of weeks, this option is totally feasible if you work remotely. Cavago offers a multitude of hosts around the globe that offer workation holiday options. We also have a bespoke travel service where we work with you to build your dream itinerary via Cavago Tours

Bring your own horse 

If you're already a horse owner and you want to bring your four-legged friend with you, why not consider a workation in your own country? You can base yourself in a holiday let with equestrian facilities on site or keep your horse at a nearby equestrian centre so you can work and ride. Who wouldn't want to go trekking through beautiful scenery after work, or book a lesson during your lunch break? 

Does a horse riding workation sound like something you'd like to explore? Check out all our wonderful hosts to start your journey at

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