Come Meet the Horse!

If you run a quick search on Google, you will read that there is an estimated world population of 58 million horses, made up of over 350 separate breeds. That’s A LOT of horses! And, like people, each and every one is unique. We wish we could mee them all! We can’t of course, not in one lifetime, but we will do our best to try!

We bet you all went to school with or remember – or were – one of those horse-crazy kinds of kids. You know the type – they drew primitive drawings of horses on their school book covers, continually bothered their parents for riding lessons, sat in class daydreaming of pony club, mucked out stalls – for free – on weekends, or only sat up and paid attention in history class when images came up with old fashioned generals and cavalry – mounted on horseback. What is it about horses and kids?

Perhaps hints of the horse are deeply rooted within our human DNA. Face facts – humans and horses are long connected throughout history. The horse was our first form of transport. The horse was also our partner on the battle fields throughout history – both in victory and defeat. The horse is now central to some of our most popular sports and spectator activities. The horse is a central character in many little girls’ and boys’ dreams. The horse is our friend, and a part of us. The horse reflects our soul.

As kids, we think the world is such a huge place. As we get older, and by the time we reach adulthood, we realise that it is not such a big place. Aviation and the internet with its incredible far – reaching connectivity has made our world a small place. A place that is accessible. A place that has such beautiful and wonderful environments to see and experience. Places that are inhabited by horses, and people who love them.

We thought about it. Horses of the world, increasing global access. Could it be possible to traverse the world by horseback? Can we gallop the globe? We aren’t yet sure, by why not give it a go?

Enter Cavago. We are a new online platform dedicated to the Best Places to Horse. To Horse? Last time we checked, “to horse” is not a verb; we know that. But we made it one. Cavago isn’t just about horse riding, show jumping, polo, dressage, point-to-point, trail riding, rodeo riding, horse racing, barrel racing, or any other kind of equestrian experience that comes to mind. Sure, we offer you all that – but we are more! We will – well, we can’t explain it any better - other than to tell you that we will help you find the Best Places to Horse!

It’s a simple concept open to everyone. Whether you are an experienced horse rider, or a beginner, or if you have never ridden but just admire the animal and its beauty, we offer equestrian experiences around the world. Just log on, search, and book. Simple!

Cavago travels the world to find unique, special equestrian experiences and destinations that feature horses, and bring them together on one easy to use platform. We invite you to join Cavago. Join us hand and hoof together as we experience and learn from the world of the horse. And remember, the world always looks better from the back of a horse!

Please don’t be shy – contact us and tell us where you want to go, and what you would like to learn about the horse!

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