The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Equestrians

Struggling to know what to buy your horsey friend, partner, family member, or even fancy a little treat for yourself this Christmas? Well, what could be better than an unforgettable equestrian experience? Whether they'd prefer a morning trekking through the mountains in Wales or a day experiencing a brand-new equestrian sport, Cavago has plenty of gift options for you.

We've selected our top 10 gift ideas to suit a range of budgets, experience levels and locations from the Cavago catalogue. Read on to find your best Christmas present yet! 


1. A Christmas Carriage Ride through London

Let's get into the festive Spirit!  What could be a more fitting gift than snuggling up together in a cosy Christmas carriage, led by two beautiful horses to see the Christmassy sights around London? Whether you're planning a romantic outing, gathering with friends, or a memorable family adventure, this experience promises to make your holiday season truly special.


2. A day of horseback falconry


Fancy giving a totally unique gift? Why not embark on a two-person trip to Devon to learn horseback falconry? Under the guidance of experienced falconers and equestrian experts, learn the ancient techniques of falconry against a stunning rural setting.

Discover the fascinating history behind the centuries-old tradition, understand the behaviour of birds of prey and master the skills required to handle and fly them from horseback. This day out proves to be the perfect gift that will give you lifelong memories.


3. A lesson in polo

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Imagine unwrapping a gift voucher for a day of polo! Cavago has a range of polo-playing hosts available for you to book with, whether you'd like to try a lesson as a pair for a bit of fun or gift a loved one a block of lessons to hep them develop a new skill. Check out our range of hosts around the world to give the gift of polo! 


4. A night at a luxury equestrian hotel 

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If you're looking to gift something a little more luxurious this Christmas, a night at a prestigious equestrian hotel could be just the thing. Especially recommended for a romantic present, step into quintessential England for a night of decadence, followed by a ride around the grounds together the next day.

Sound like this would score some points with your partner? Check out one of our favourite luxury UK packages to see if it fits the bill. 


Looking for a helping hand in choosing? Feel free to contact a member of our team for advice! We can even create bespoke packages for your convenience. Just send us a message on social media or email us at


5. A beach ride 

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What could be better than the gift of having a bucket list item ticked off the list? Riding a horse along the beach is an experience everyone has to have at least once in their life.

Whether you're looking for a leisurely walk along the surf to take in the views or a thrilling gallop, Cavago has a range of options to suit you, wherever you're heading in the world. 


6. Tickets to an equestrian performance

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The perfect gift idea for a couple or family with both equestrian and non-equestrian parties are tickets to a show!  Still with a horsey theme but also something everyone can enjoy together, booking a trip to an equestrian performance could be just the ticket.

We have a few options based in the UK that could work as an early Christmas prezzie, which includes the Bravo! Equestrian Theatre experience in Kent, and the All-Steps Formation Riding Christmas Show in Devon. We also have options available in Europe, such as tickets to the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art performances and more. Feel free to get in touch for further guidance! 


7. A lesson on a schoolmaster

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What could be better than the gift of knowledge? The ideal present for any avid equestrian, a lesson on a schoolmaster is a valuable experience that can be enjoyed whether you own your own horse or not.

Several equestrian centres around the UK and abroad offer lessons with professional instructors on their own experienced horses. They're trained in higher level school movements and even jumping so the rider can focus on improving their own seat, aids and technique.

There are several options for this on Cavago, so have a browse on our website or get in touch to see what options there are for you. 


8. A countryside carriage ride 

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An experience riding in a carriage with traditional horses makes for a lovely day out and an excellent gift that all the family can enjoy. Combine interacting with stunning shire horses with exploring the wonders of the English countryside by carriage, plus a glass of sparkling wine, for an unforgettable experience that'll delight anyone. You can buy a loved one a carriage experience for the day and pair it with afternoon tea for a perfect package. 


9.  A trekking experience

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Is hacking more your style? Why not take it to the next level and gift yourself and a friend an organised trek through stunning scenery? There are a plethora of trekking and riding holiday centres that offer hour-long to day-long treks across some incredible landscapes, and riding truly is one of the best ways to enjoy an area.

Whether you want to trek across the Black Mountains in Wales or through the Sintra Hills of Portugal and beyond, Cavago has countless approved trekking hosts to choose from as a Christmas gift. 


10. Tuition in trick riding

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This is one for the adrenaline junkie! If you know someone who'd love to test their equitation skills to the max, why not get them a lesson in trick riding, jousting, side saddle or even horseback archery? Our hosts the Knights of Middle England offer training and private lessons in all of these ancient equestrian arts, and a lesson with them would make an unbelievable gift for a confident rider! 


To book your next equestrian experience with confidence, visit If you require any further assistance in deciding what would make the perfect gift or in curating a bespoke trip, please drop us a direct message on social media, or email us at


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