What you need to bring on a horse riding holiday

So, that's it, you've done it! Epic riding holiday booked! But now that you've decided to embark on the best equestrian adventure of your life, it's time to think about what you'll need to pack. There are some absolute essentials that you can't afford to forget, as well as handy add-ons that you'll be glad you brought with you on arrival. Don’t worry, Cavago is on hand to help. Let's get packing! 



Safety first 

Of course, top on your riding holiday packing list should be - you guessed it - your riding hat! Bringing your own riding hat along with you means you can rest assured knowing that it fits like a glove and meets all the current safety standards. It's also a good idea to bring your riding boots and gloves, too, so you're ready to get into the saddle as soon as possible and feel comfy in your own equipment. 

Of course, certain riding establishments may offer the option of hiring riding equipment for the duration of your holiday. So if you don't want to lug your stuff about, it may be worth checking with the holiday provider ahead of time. 

Top tip

Long riding boots can be bulky to pack into a suitcase, especially if you're planning on riding abroad! So, why not opt for jodhpur boots and chaps as a space-saving alternative? 


Dress for success

A make or break for your riding holiday is the clothes you wear. Depending on the climate of where you're heading, make sure you bring suitable riding clothes. If you're jetting off to ride in a warm, sunny location, pack breathable, lightweight breeches and tops to keep you cool while you’re on the go. 

If you're heading to a cooler climate, layering up is the way to go. There's nothing worse than being chilly in the saddle, so be sure to bring thermals, thick socks and one or two waterproof layers. 

Don't forget to account for your time out of the saddle, too! You'll want some comfy loungewear for chilling out in between rides, plus a couple of formal outfits so you can look your best for evening activities and really embrace that holiday feeling!

Pack light

Whether you're going abroad or embarking on a staycation, packing light for a riding holiday is a must. You’ll potentially have lots of bulky equipment in tow, so you'll want to keep other items to a minimum. 

Stock up on travel-sized toiletries and try to stick to essentials only - after all, an action-packed horse riding holiday doesn't require full glam! 

Be nifty with your packing style, too, rolling up socks into shoes, flat-packing if you have to and consider reusing the same pair of jods over two or three days - we equestrians won't judge!

Top tip

Worried you're going to forget something? Make a list! Use the notes app on your phone or a notepad and tick off each item once it's in the case. 



Be ready for anything 

When you're vacationing alongside horses, it's likely that you might find yourself in the countryside with limited access to the internet, a shop or even lights! To help you out with your packing, it's worth doing some research on your destination to find out if there are any specifics you’ll need to bring, like plug adapters or a torch.

Sun cream and lip balm are a must as you’ll be spending long hours outdoors. It's also likely you'll encounter some creepy crawlies around horses, so insect repellant and bite cream could be a life saver! A travel sized first aid kit would also be a good idea, in case of cuts, blisters or bruises. 

Get ready to ride 

When you book a riding holiday with Cavago, we'll send you a confirmation email as proof of booking. The host will receive your details so they know when to expect you! When you arrive for your riding holiday, the host will have everything ready so you can get going straight away! However, it's always worth having your email confirmation to hand just in case. 

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