The Best Horsey Things To Do In Winter

‘Tis the season! 

The slower pace of winter, early nights, and all the holidays make for a merry time for all except perhaps for those itching to get back in the saddle. When it’s raining, windy, cold, and hardly any time for bright hours, it’s easy to want to go into hibernation mode. Winter blues can get real, and it doesn’t help when you can’t partake in your passion to help you cope. 

We can help with that. If you’re a passionate pursuer of the equestrian experience, whether that’s as a competitor or a hobbyist, here’s a list of five tips you can do now to help you make merry this winter.



Embrace the Winter 

Our top tip would be to embrace the winter.  It has its magic. Sure, the usual trail rides are not always going to be a good option this season, but why not give all the other winter riding opportunities a chance? 

Carriage Rides are a great activity in this season. Grab your blanket and let someone else take the reins as you slide by! Here are a few great carriage rides that you can find on CAVAGO!


Cheshire Carriage & Co.

Cheshire Carriage and Co is HHH’s way to help you disconnect from the grind and connect with your loved ones through beautifully crafted carriage experiences. Sit back with a glass of sparkling English wine for a short ride, or come and experience the magic for the whole day - the majestic Shire horses are sure to contribute to a fantastic day!


Manger Equine Services 

Experience the best of quintessential British equestrianism when you visit Manger Equine Services. Nestled in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside, you can enjoy a quaint carriage ride through local woodlands or even a train for driving trials.


White Horse Farm Equestrian Centre

As the holiday season approaches, what could be more enchanting than taking a magical ride through London's dazzling Christmas lights and iconic landmarks?

Our Christmas Carriage Rides Around London offer an extraordinary way to embrace the festive spirit. Whether you're planning a romantic outing, a gathering with friends, or a memorable family adventure, this experience promises to make your holiday season truly special.


Take an Equestrian Beach Holiday 

And if all else fails, and the winters are still driving you up the wall, then there’s always one easy fix. Just book your next horse-related adventure in sunnier pastures! Winter is actually the best time to visit some of these incredible places featured on the Cavago blog. 

Think of warm desert rides through the ruins of Jordan and Egypt. The colorful richness of Morocco, or even the white beaches of Dubai! We’ll let you browse through all those wanderlust-inducing offerings in peace.


Bake Horse Treats 

Staying nice and warm indoors on a dank, cold, gray day as you cozily bake a yummy cookie is one of the great joys of the colder months. Why not share the festive cheer with your equestrian companion? Easy to make with pantry ingredients such as carrots, apples, oats, and maybe some molasses, then shape them into cute stars and bobbles! 

If you have a horse, add things you know your horse likes, or simply share them with the horses at your next riding adventure to bond with them. Horses do need to eat more during the winter, and this will be a welcome little addition for them every so often. Just be sure to allow them to cool and dry before feeding!


Work on yourself off the saddle. 

Sure, you may not be riding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to improve yourself in the saddle. Supplementary workouts for the rider are super important in maintaining the muscles you need to jump right back in when the weather gets warmer. Challenge yourself to stay active. Join yoga, pilates, or even specialized workout programs for riders online from the comfort of your own home. You will definitely see an improvement in your riding. 

A meditation practice can also be a great tool to hone, especially if you aim to do harder, extreme equestrian sports such as cross-country jumping, fox hunting, safaris, or endurance. A horse responds to the emotions of its rider, so building the mind muscle to keep your presence of mind calm will serve you well.


Watch a Horse Movie

Horse movies are the best. Some of the most heartfelt and life-affirming movies that we have seen are stories about the resilience and fierce independence of these majestic creatures. From fiery westerns to love stories to animated features, classics, and period pieces.

If you’re looking for suggestions, we have plenty here!

They touch on themes of courage and friendship and make for the perfect movie night for the whole family on a holiday.


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