Discover Morocco: Exploring Marrakesh and Horse Riding in Essaouira

Vibrant Places to Visit in Morocco

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will awaken the wanderer within you and immerse you in the mesmerizing allure of Morocco. Look no further than the enchanting cities of Marrakech and Essaouira, where a seamless blend of vibrant culture, timeless charm, and the exhilaration of horseback riding combine to weave an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. In this article, let's dive into the enchanting tales and experiences that await you in these two captivating Moroccan havens.

Essaouira: Where Dreams Take Flight

Situated along the Atlantic coastline, Essaouira, also known as the "Wind City of Morocco" (although Game of Thrones fans may recognize it as the city of Astapor), beckons with an intoxicating blend of history and modernity. With its bustling picturesque UNESCO heritage medina, Essaouira is renowned for its vibrant music scene, blending African, Arabic, and European influences, colorful souks, and various seafood offerings. 

Riding the Winds on the Riders of Essaouira Tour

Horse Riding


As you explore Essaouira, the opportunity to embark on horseback adventures awaits. Sport Travel Morocco is your companion and guide, with over 20 years of experience in Moroccan horse trails. This is all-inclusive, includes airport pick-up, meals, and tents, and takes you beyond the ordinary with horse trails that traverse the heart of Essaouira's breathtaking landscape. Picture yourself riding along the beaches on Arab Barb stallions, feeling the wind in your hair and the rhythm of the waves beneath you—a truly unforgettable experience.

Trek to the Sidi Mbarek Waterfalls


Discover the Sdi Mbarek Waterfalls, on this five-day horseback trek hosted by Yassine, a passionate horseback rider and tour guide, with a seriously enviable Instagram. You can ride through lush forests of juniper and argan trees, picturesque Berber villages, and stunning beaches. All this with the warmth of Moroccan hospitality as you stay in traditional bivouacs, enjoy local teas and pastries under argan trees, and taste authentic Moroccan cuisine.

Embrace the serenity of a Sunset Beach Tea Ritual in Morocco.
Horse Riding Beach

Expect to be welcomed by quintessential Moroccan flair in this romantic beach tea ritual in plush Berber rugs, poufs, and coffee tables, hosted by Ranch de Diabat. Witness the Moroccan tea ritual, which has its roots in ancient history, performed by your guide as your tea is prepared on a live fire. Accompanied by Moroccan pastries, you can watch the sun slowly hide beyond the end of the ocean. Expect stunning views of the ocean and the setting sun. Afterward, resume horseback riding on the beach along a moonlit shoreline, the waves serenading your journey as you ride along the Qsob River under the evening stars. 

Unveiling the Wonders of Marrakech

Marrakech, often called the "Red City," is a harmonious fusion of the past, present, and Africa’s Capital of Culture. As you step into its bustling medieval-era medina, you'll find yourself in a vibrant medley of sensory delights, including traditional crafts, souks, and beautiful architecture.

Colorful Morocco

A Glimpse into the Medina 

Begin your exploration by navigating the medina's intricate lanes, where Morocco's magic unfolds in myriad forms. Be prepared to be captivated by Bahia Palace, a testament to architectural grandeur with its gilded interiors, stuccos, mosaics, and an endless garden. Indeed a must-visit.


Cultural Places


Fashion and Culture Unveiled

Venture to the Musée Yves Saint Laurent and be transported into the world of one of fashion's legends. Situated next to the Jardin Majorelle, the museum is a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent's enduring legacy, showcasing a stunning collection of couture masterpieces spanning four decades of YSL even a non-fashionista would admire. Amid its striking architecture, you'll find a haven where art, fashion, and culture converge.

Embrace the Magic of Morocco

As the sun sets on this captivating Moroccan adventure, you'll realize that the magic of Marrakech and the allure of Essaouira have etched their splendor into your soul. These two destinations, each unique in their essence, converge to create a symphony of experiences that will resonate within you for a lifetime.

With Sport Travel Morocco, Ranch de Diabat, and Yassine Cavalier as your trusted guides, you'll explore the heart and soul of Morocco. Whether you're strolling through the medina of Marrakech or galloping along the shores of Essaouira, your journey will be enriched with moments that encapsulate the essence of this mesmerizing land.

Plan Your Moroccan Odyssey

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Let the allure of Morocco, blended with the thrill of horseback riding, transport you to a world where every moment is a treasured memory waiting to be discovered.

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