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The Surprising Impact of the Horse Industry on the Economy

The economy and horses are two things that many don’t expect to go together. In fact, when I talk to investors and venture capitalists about the massive impact the horse industry has on the economy I am usually met with disbelief and denial. Their astonishment grows when I tell them that in the USA alone, the horse industry has a greater economic impact than the film industry. Yes, really! Reality sets in when I explain that this “niche” interest encompasses 30.5% of American households. To be more specific, 38 million American households contain at least 1 horse enthusiast and the horse industry itself employs almost 2 million people in the USA.[1] This bodes well for the future of the horse industry and certainly piques the interest of the naysayers!

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Lucknam Park - Tea for Two, Please!

Are you completely tired of the modern-day pressures of never ending emails, phone calls, meetings, traffic, crowds, noise, crowded commuter transport, polluted city air, - the continuous noise and stress of urban life and ‘to do’ lists that never get finished?

It’s time for a break! It’s time to regress back in time to the quintessential British countryside where – in one place at least – traditional English estate living continues as it has throughout time, when life was – shall we say, a bit more refined.

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5 Reasons Your Horse Facility Needs to be on Cavago

These days, automation and digitization seems to be the name of the game in every industry. About half of the internet traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones, so naturally, most industries are looking into effective ways to give their customers a mobile-friendly, digital experience. The same can be said for the equestrian community. If you want to tap into a rich online equestrian audience, Cavago is the best solution for you.

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2021 Guide to Olympic Equestrian Eventing

What is Eventing in the Olympics?

Eventing was first in the Olympics in 1912 with a five day competition that included an endurance test, a cross country course, a speed test, a jumping test, and a dressage test. Today, eventing is one of the most demanding equestrian events with three phases that include dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping. The three phases must all be completed on the same horse.

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How to Start Eventing and Where to Take Eventing Lessons

After watching one of the most exciting and demanding equestrian events in the Olympics, three-day eventing, all of us horse lovers around the world are feeling the itch to give it a try ourselves! Eventing is a three-day event that includes dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping, all performed on the same horse. Believe it or not, three-day eventing is offered all around the world for beginner riders to more advanced riders.

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