The 5 Best Beach Rides Around the World

With summer approaching, the beach has started calling out to us! Oh to be in the cool water, with the sun shining down on us and sipping on some mojitos, sounds like an absolute dream come true. With Cavago, you can enjoy your summer beach experience coupled with some horseback riding!

Here are some places you can find on Cavago for you to do exactly that!

1. Horseback Riding on the Beaches of Portugal:
If you have always dreamed of riding a horse on the beach, Cavalos na Areia (Portuguese for “horses in the sand”), is the destination of choice. Located a mere hour away from Lisbon. Beginning in the forest, riders will experience the trails opening up, the change in the horse’s step, as they travel into the wide open beaches. Cantering across the beach, feel the careful, soft movement of the horse’s beat, as you ride. And the best part is, these rides start from just $74!

2. Gallop through the Morrocan Beaches:
At Ranch de Diabat the passion for horses has been passed on through generations, making it an authentic equestrian ranch. Riders will get to ride along the Atlantic shores on Barb-Arabian horses. Whether you're looking for a peaceful ride along the beach, or the thrill and adrenaline of a full speed gallop. Ranch de Diabat offers a variety of packages to accommodate all kinds of riders, starting from $158.

3. Ride through the Tunisian Beaches on Horseback:
Take a dip into the crystal blue beaches of Tunisia by booking yourself a beach ride with Djerba Zitouna. Wonderfully spirited Barb and Arabian mounts, most of them stallions, will take you through olive groves and ancient villages to the white sand beaches of Flamingo Island. There you can wade through the sea and even swim with your horses who love a refreshing dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. You can book yourself a beach riding experience starting from as low as $23!

4. Experience the Beaches of Galway with Connemara Ponies:
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the shores of Galway with Willie Leahy, the first man to ever lead a vacation trail ride. Experience the athletic and versatile movements of the Connemara ponies, which are a breed unique to Ireland. The trail rides through the wilderness, along the pristine, deep blue beaches of Galway. Riders can even ride the Connemara ponies into the ocean, and experience the feeling of riding on a swimming horse. These rides start from just $73.

5. Enjoy Beach Trail Rides on the Coasts of South Africa:
Ride endurance style or at a leisurely pace along the beaches of the Wild Coast of South Africa. You and your mount can trek through the Transkei, exploring the rolling hills, savanna grasslands, and cliffs that plunge down into the ocean. Once on the beach, indulge in long gallops by the water—an exhilarating experience with fantastic views! In our book, this is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. You can book yourself this experience and more like it starting from $30.

Whether you decide to ride in Kei Mouth, Galway, Mezraya Djerba, Essaouira or Comporta, we can make bookings easier for you. On the Cavago App, you can book your next ride from the palm of your hand! With over 100 horse facilities in over 30 countries, you’re sure to find your next horsey vacation destination with us. And if you see something you like, mark it on your wishlist on the Cavago app with the little heart icon, or share it with a friend to spread some horsey love.

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