The Perfect Place to Learn Polo

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s city life, Colts Polo and Riding promises a myriad of enjoyable activities on horseback. Regardless of whether you’re looking to try polo for the first time, or whether you’re an experienced equestrian looking to improve your skills, Colts Polo caters to riders of all age groups and all levels. A family-friendly riding centre, their programmes allow for the entire family to have fun together, and share their love for polo and horses!

Learn Polo with Patrick Furlong:
The trainers and instructors at Colts are also highly-skilled and well-qualified – the Head Instructor, Adrian, is a HPA-qualified polo instructor, and the founder, Patrick, was even recognised by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore (EFS) as the top polo player in Singapore in 2016. It’s no wonder that Colts Polo is the only polo school out of Argentina accredited by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP)!

Horse Welfare and Polo:
Beyond the know-hows of polo as a sport, Colts Polo and Riding believes strongly in ensuring that their horses are well looked after. Horse welfare is a priority to them, and they go the extra mile to ensure all their equine partners are happy and healthy. Besides polo and riding lessons, Colts ensure to educate their riders on the basics of horse welfare and management, as they believe that it is only with caring for horses do riders become great sportsmen and sportswomen.

Fun for the Whole Family:
Besides catering to children of all ages, Colts Polo and Riding is also invested in growing a shared love for horses amongst students in Singapore. The centre collaborates with both local and international schools in Singapore, educating them on the basics of horse care and polo as a sport. With well-structured programmes aimed at imparting knowledge and inspiring the youth to take up this sport, Colts’ lessons and programmes have a clear focus and objective, taught by well-trained instructors.

For Professionals Too:
Looking to enhance and sharpen your polo skills? Colts also caters to riders well-versed in the basics of the sport. The centre believes that with horses, learning never stops, and thus, there are programmes designed for experienced riders to also perfect their polo skills. Regardless of whether you want to improve your posture and grip, or have the opportunity to perfect your technique, Colts offers clinics to cater to your specific riding needs.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and fun place to immerse yourself in the world of Polo, Colts is the perfect place for you. Book your next polo lesson from Cavago and enjoy the family friendly environment Colts has to offer!

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