What Makes Cavago Unique

Being an equestrian is more than just a hobby. It's an entire way of life. At Cavago, we know just how important the horsey aspect of your life is to you, because we’ve been there. We know what it feels like to want to ride, wherever you are in the world, and to keep the passion alive, even when you’re at home. Cavago was built for horse-lovers by horse-lovers, to bring the equestrian world in the palm of your hand. Here are 5 reasons why you should be a part of the Cavago family:

1. From Working Equitation to Desert Hacks:
Whether you want to learn to ride as a beginner or you ride dressage, play polo, or jump at a very high level, there is something for you on Cavago. you will find an experience catered to your liking on Cavago. Trail rides, long and short, lessons , show jumping, dressage and polo are only some of the many equestrian experiences we have on our platform. We have Hosts in 30 different countries, which means you can find equestrian activities near you and in some of the greatest places on earth, no matter where you go, as long as you have us with you.

And if you’re not traveling, but still want to try something out of the box, we have virtual experiences for you. You can learn the likes of natural horsemanship on Cavago Virtual Learning. We know how important the equestrian way of life is, and our goal is to bring it to you, in any way you want.

2. Book Your Rides On the Go:
Convenience and ease is what we’re about at Cavago! Whenever you’re itching to get back on the saddle, all you have to do now is open the app and book. It's that simple. Through our website and app, you can book rides no matter where you are. Once you sign up as a member, the Cavago app remembers your booking details, making it much simpler for you to plan your rides in advance. This is especially helpful when you’re a regular for one of our hosts.

3. Be Updated About New Offers from Your Favorite Cavago Hosts:
Once you book with Cavago, we keep a track of the type of activity you booked, and where you booked it. This means that you can be the first to know of discounts and special offers from places you have enjoyed riding at previously. Whether you prefer social media alerts or informative emails, we can let you know about the best rides around you and help you make memories with us.

4. Mix Your Wanderlust with Equestrian Passion:
A vacation means taking a break from your day to day life, but what about the parts of your everyday life that give you immense joy, such as riding? If you’re looking to travel, but don’t want to abandon your love for horses while on your trip, you should look through Cavago. Gone are the days of having to contact agents to find exactly the type of equestrian experience you dream of enjoying on vacation. On Cavago, you can find equestrian facilities, riding based holidays, and accommodation for your next expedition. And what better way to discover new places than on horseback?

5. Become a Part of a Global Equestrian Community:
Even though some of the salient features of our website and app include making bookings easy and discovering new places to ride, our vision as a company is much bigger. At Cavago, we aim to grow the global equestrian community and make all our users and hosts realize that they are a part of something vast and amazing. Events like the Cavago Social 2020 help in making this possible. In this event, we connected our users to their equestrian idols through virtual sessions, letting audiences learn from the best in dressage, polo, show jumping, natural horsemanship, and many other disciplines. We believe that there are many ways in which we can make people realize the sheer scale of the equestrian world, and we’d love for you to be a part of this mission with us.

So head on over to our website right now and book yourself the ride of your dreams!


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