Bring your own horse holidays: An untapped market

Could you house a guest and their horse? Well then you could be in for a brand-new stream of passive income.

Do you live by an equestrian centre, own paddocks or even live on a farm? 

Well, if you have a spare room, guest house, annexe or even a camp site that you want to rent out to guests, why not invite their four-legged friends along, too?

Make extra income with Cavago

There are thousands of equestrians in the UK on the hunt for a Bring Your Own Horse holiday destination, and you could be it. 

Listing your facility or accommodation on Cavago means you'll be discovered by a vast community of horse-owners who are ready and waiting to book your facility. 

Cavago’s software has been purpose-built to suit customers who want to book for not only themselves, but also their horses. 

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Big or small, we want you!

A bring your own horse holiday can be anywhere from an established equestrian centre offering stay-away coaching to a small campsite beside a paddock and fabulous hacking. 

Whether you’re an established business or first-time host, Cavago can help you keep track of your booking calendar, create a beautiful landing page to showcase your offering, plus help with the marketing side of things, too! 

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Streamline your business

Gone are the days of filtering through social media messages from prospective clients, posting manually to Facebook groups to advertise and relying on bank transfers to take bookings. 

Cavago offers you the perfect solution to all of it. 

As a host on Cavago, you can... 

- Take secure online payments at the time of booking 

- Have a custom-built page on our website where customers can view your facility and book easily 

- View and edit your bookings via your online calendar 

- Manage your bookings, revenue and accounts through our custom-built host dashboard 

- Have marketing assistance and promotion on our social media, email newsletters and blog

- Be discovered by a whole range of equine enthusiasts 

Whether you run a fully-fledged riding holiday facility or you have a room to rent beside a paddock, you need to be on Cavago! 

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