How To Create An Overview Page On Cavago

Authored by Shaafay, Content Guru at Cavago

Introduction: Embarking on a Digital Odyssey with Cavago

Hello, fellow equine enthusiasts and esteemed equestrian business owners! Shaafay here, your guide in the world of Cavago. Today, let's delve into the first steps of your transformative journey of digitizing your equestrian business and discovering the unique charm it holds on our platform.


The Host Overview Page on Cavago


When we say "Overview," we mean the very first impression your potential customers get of your equestrian business. This is where they land, where they decide if your place is THE place for their equestrian dreams. It's your digital handshake, and getting it right is key to building a lasting connection.

What Makes Your Host Overview Page Special

Now, let's unravel the magic that makes your Host Overview Page on Cavago stand out. It's not just a space to list services; it's a canvas to paint a vivid picture of your equestrian paradise.

The engaging content and captivating headings become the brushstrokes that create an immersive experience, making visitors feel the heartbeat of your business.

Headings - The Eye-catching Sentences

Your headings are your spotlight moments, the sentences that grab attention and tell a story.

Remember, There are a number of headings that go on your overview page; let's break down what each heading should convey:

Heading 1: What makes you special?

This is your elevator pitch, the essence of your business in a nutshell. What sets you apart? Why should a horse enthusiast choose your business? Make it compelling and unique.

Heading 2: What Activities/Services Do you offer?

Dive into the heart of what you provide. Whether it's trail rides, lessons, or unique equestrian experiences, this heading showcases the diverse offerings that make your business a one-stop destination.

Heading 3: Make a Connection with the Customer.

People connect with people. Introduce the faces behind the stables. Share your passion, your story, and what makes your team the perfect guide for an unforgettable equestrian adventure.

Heading 4: Customer Testimonials/Surrounding attractions near the facility.

Let others do the talking. Share testimonials to build trust and credibility. Additionally, sheds light on what lies in the vicinity. Are there charming cafes, scenic trails, or hidden gems nearby? Paint a holistic picture.

Heading 5: What does the Location offer tourists?

Beyond the stables, what does your location bring to the table? Are you nestled in picturesque landscapes, or do you offer a gateway to local attractions? Paint a vivid picture of the experiences beyond the barn.

Note: These are just recommendations; you can always mix things up a bit!


Overview Images: Your Visual Symphony

Within the digital realm, images are your silent storytellers. They don't just capture moments; they encapsulate the essence of your equestrian haven.

The size requirements and format considerations are the technical aspects, but the real magic lies in how these visuals provide a sneak peek into the unparalleled experiences your business offers.

Image Requirements: There are 5 total images that go on your overview banner

Size Requirements: Opt for WebP format with a size of 1250*600. Clear images that showcase both your facilities and the activities you offer are a winning combination. 

Note: JPEG & JPG images also work on our platform. 

These technical nuances ensure that the magic unfolds seamlessly across screens.

You can use this JPEG/JPG to WebP converter for free!

Now, we're all about perfection, and that means ensuring your images fit snugly within the required dimensions. No cut-off horse heads or awkward cropping! If, by chance, an image misbehaves and doesn't quite fit the bill, fear not. Just toss it over to our image whizzes, Shaafay Zia, and they'll work their magic to make sure every detail aligns seamlessly.

Remember, your images aren't just snapshots, So curate this gallery with finesse, ensuring every pixel tells a story that resonates with the hearts of those eager to embark on the equine journey you offer. 

For more info on how to create amazing content for your business, read our marketing expert Kiera's post on digital media here


Exemplary Host Pages in the Spotlight

Just to put everything into perspective, check out these amazing host pages!

Nomad Riders

Based in Paris, they've woven a tapestry of luxury horse-riding experiences. From the elegant overview to Rita Fougea's passionate journey, this page is a visual delight.

It's not just a listing; it's an invitation to a world where horse riding meets gastronomy and cultural exploration. Dive in, and let the adventure begin!


Chestertons Polo in the Park's

Step into the world of equestrian elegance with Chesterton Polo on the park's exceptional page. Verified and radiant, this listing isn't just about polo and lifestyle; it's a visual feast that effortlessly captures the essence of Europe's premier event.

The fusion of tradition and contemporary allure unfolds against the backdrop of Hurlingham Park, and this page does justice to the glamour and excitement.

It's more than a listing; it's a curated journey into the heart of London's polo scene, where every pixel is a testament to the grandeur and allure of Chesterton Polo in the Park.


Conclusion: IN SHORT

In the digital realm, your Host Overview Page is more than a presence; it's a connection waiting to happen. 

Headlines: Capture your audience's attention through your unique offerings.

Content: Write what makes you special, what you have to offer, and make that bond with the customer

Images: These should provide a clear and straightforward visual representation of the experiences you have to offer

Your Host Overview Page on Cavago is more than just a digital placeholder; it's a direct line for potential customers to understand what your equestrian business is all about.

With Cavago, your digital presence becomes a straightforward and effective way to connect with horse enthusiasts globally, making your equestrian venture truly accessible.


If you find yourself needing assistance with your overview page, don't hesitate to reach out to Shaafay. He's here to help fine-tune and enhance your digital presence on Cavago. Feel free to message him for any support you may require in optimizing your equestrian business showcase. 



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