A Period of Uncertainty

There is absolutely no doubt that in our modern times, COVID-19 has to be the greatest challenge the globe has faced. The World Health Organization head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says the number infected globally will reach a million within days.

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Pirouette, Piaffe, and Passage Through Portugal!

“Heels down, knees in; back straight, eyes straight ahead, and relax your wrists!” - these are the most common instructions you hear from dressage instructors as they teach beginners. It’s a far cry from the perfection demonstrated by world famous dressage artists perfectly in sync with their Lusitano mounts as they Pirouette, Piaffe and Passage during dressage performances. But if you have a week to spare, you too can learn to ride like a Portuguese pro! Located just 15 kilometres outside of Lisbon, Morgado Lusitano Equestrian Holidays offers a variety of dressage instruction packages suitable for all levels of horse riders. This stunning estate boasts a stable full of professionally trained, purebred Lusitano horses and top notch instructors from Portugal and Europe.

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Come Meet the Horse!

If you run a quick search on Google, you will read that there is an estimated world population of 58 million horses, made up of over 350 separate breeds. That’s A LOT of horses! And, like people, each and every one is unique. We wish we could mee them all! We can’t of course, not in one lifetime, but we will do our best to try!

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